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24 Hours of Family Dysfunction

January 29, 2007

If you were in Jack Bauer’s shoes and trying to save the world from certain destruction, you would  think your biggest threat would come from the terrorists causing all of the trouble.  Right?

The more I watch Fox’s ’24’, the more I come to realize the people causing the most harm in Mr. Bauer’s life are members of his immediate family.  How many times has the distraction of dealing with whatever mess his daughter has gotten in to kept him from catching the bad guy?  This year has introduced us to whole family of distraction: Jack’s follicly-challenged brother Graem, sister-in-law Marilyn and nephew Josh. 

Last week’s episode would lead us to believe that Jack and Marilyn may have had a ‘thing’ back in the day.  I bet if you checked little Josh’s birth certificate, his DOB would fall nine months after his mother and uncle ‘called it quits.’  If Josh doesn’t turn out to be Jack’s bastard son, I will eat Mike Love’s hat.

Tonight’s episode will introduce us to Jack’s proud papa, Philip Bauer (played by James Cromwell.)  Only time will tell  whether father and son will work together to save the world.  Judging by the way Graem Bauer plotted last  season against his own brother, I am not holding out much hope for any kind of great family reconciliation.

How long before Jack has to deal with Josh being pinned down by some sort of wild animal? 

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