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Rock’s Reunion Fever

January 31, 2007


2007 is shaping up to be quite a year for Rock and Roll reunions. 

Sting’s greatest musical outlet, The Police, have decided to regroup and open this year’s telecast of the Grammy Awards.  Police fans have spent recent months speculating whether the group would get together this summer and tour the UK and US  to mark the 30th Anniversary of the release of their song “Roxanne”.  We can only speculate over what kind of cash was laid down to bring these three men back together considering the bad blood that had stalled past reunions.  Frankly, I can hardly listen to Sting, I can’t imagine spending three months on the road with the man.  Let’s hope he leaves his lute at his mansion.

On the heels of the Van Halen’s upcoming induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, rumors are circulating that the group is planning to tour the US this year.  Original lead singer David Lee Roth is apparently on board after 22 years on his own, but the status of (bass guitar player) Michael Anthony is still up in the air.  Most people believe Anthony has been dropped in favor of Eddie Van Halen’s son, Wolfgang, because of a lingering feud between Eddie and the longtime bassist.  If these guys can make it through the Hall of Fame ceremony without a major meltdown, we may be ‘lucky’ enough to catch this train wreck this summer.

One rumor that seems to pop up every few years (most recently in The Sun) is the reunion of Led Zeppelin.  Original members, Robert Plant, Jimmy Page, and John Paul Jones would be joined by late-drummer John Bonham’s son, Jason.  I don’t want to rain on any parades, but there is almost no chance for this rumor to pan out.  At least Zeppelin fans get a week or two to hope for the best.  It is not unlike the hope generated by Pink Floyd’s appearance at Live 8 a couple years ago.  Many folks took great glee in tossing around the idea of a new tour until the whole thing put to rest by an official announcement a couple weeks later.  Maybe someone could call Robert Plant and get some real answers before I adjust my summer vacation plans. 

There are a few acts that have recently announced reunions that I could not care any less about.  Fluff dinosaurs Genesis, the Smashing Pumpkins (lead by Uncle Fester’s bastard son Billy Corgan,)  Cheesy Brit groups Crowded House and James, annoyingly political Rage Against The Machine, and geezer punks The Stooges are all planning summer tours or major concert appearances.  Even The Eagles are threatening to release a new album that will probably bore me to tears.  Could a major announcement from Seals and Crofts be far behind?

We can only pray David Lee Roth will have the sense to leave his spandex pants and ass-less chaps at home. 

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