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I Say “Booooo” To Top Chef

February 1, 2007

 Forgive me if I fail to congratulate Ilan Hall for his victory over Marcel Vigneron on Bravo’s Top Chef finale.  Did they really have to give the top prize to a guy who questioned his rival’s virginity?  Sheesh…

Ilan may not have directly laid a hand on Marcel, but he did stand by and videotape his fellow contestant Cliff Crooks as he assaulted the runner-up in a drunk rage.  The whole event may have been avoided if he would have turned off the camera and told Cliff to let Marcel go.  The producers could have easily put the remaining three constants through the same process of elimination and nothing would have been sacrificed (other than a couple of bullies who took a ‘prank’ too far.)

At least Marcel was nice enough to appear on ABCs The View this morning to share his feelings about the outcome with the ladies. I wouldn’t have had a nice thing to say about any of the other contestants and he seemed to avoid the issue while making his point pretty clear. Media lightening-rod Rosie O’Donnell presented the gracious loser with a brand new set of knives (I doubt she skimped.) 

Ilan may have bragging rights and a slew of creepy new ‘friends’ at Marcel leaves the competition with his integrity and plenty of respect from his true peers.

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