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Ringo Moves On

February 7, 2007


Ringo Starr and his most recent “longtime collaborator” Mark Hudson have gone their separate ways following an ugly split last year.Hudson (L) and Starr before the split.  Mr. Starr soured on their professional relationship when (eternal weirdo) Hudson backed out on a planned summer tour with Ringo’s All-Starr Band in order to be a judge on the failed ABC reality show The One.

In a video statement released on his website, Ringo said he was in the process of finishing his CD (originally produced by Hudson) with the help of (Eurythmic dude) Dave Stewart.  He went on to add,”I parted company from the Roundheads (Hudson’s band.) That’s all over… Moving on… Change is always a little weird.”

Ringo was in need of a bass guitar player for his last “All-Starr Band” tour and had asked Mark to fill in (even though his is not a bass player) when it became clear the position couldn’t be filled by a big name artist.  Hudson agreed, but roughly two-weeks before the tour was to begin, he got an offer to be on The One and approached Ringo with the news. 

Hudson didn’t feel bad about dropping out because he believed there was more than enough time to find a suitable replacement, Ringo didn’t see it that way.   He took the exit personally and cut off all communication with Mark from that moment on.  It was a rather abrupt ending to a professional relationship that helped produce three albums (Vertical Man, Ringo Rama and Choose Love) and a record label (Pumkinhead Records.)

The status of an album the two had started last year remained unknown until this January, when Ringo revealed (in his video message) that he was “finishing the CD now with Dave Stewart… who’s helping out.”  There is no word on what the album may include but it is sure to be less pretentious than anything Sir Paul McCartney has unleashed on the world in the past twenty years (I couldn’t resist.)

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