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Iran Ignores Nuclear Deadline

February 22, 2007


Iran took another step towards provoking World War III by ignoring a U.N. Security Council ultimatum that had ordered a stop to its uranium enrichment program.  To make matters worse, the IAEA revealed that Iran has actually stepped up its enrichment activities since the Security Council made its demands back in December.

This latest development seems to indicate an inevitable showdown between the United States and the government in Tehran.  Just how far things may spiral out of control remains unknown.  The U.S. recently deployed an additional aircraft carrier group to the Persian Gulf, illustrating its willingness to keep all military options on the table.  President George W. Bush and members of his cabinet have also increased their strong, anti-Iranian rhetoric, triggering further speculation that force is likely to be used when the time comes.  

Current efforts in Iraq to crack down on Iranian Agents suspected of working with insurgents show Washington’s determination to find a link between Tehran and violence directed towards U.S. soldiers.  What better excuse could they find to justify preemptive attacks against Iranian targets?  If you think those plans are not in place or being discussed within the walls of the Pentagon, I offer this story from the BBC  that clearly outlines the United States’ contingency plans for air strikes in Iran.

I am beginning to get that same sinking feeling I had leading up to the invasion of Iraq and I fear the worst could happen.  My greatest hope is that a peaceful solution is obtained before we see matters go beyond the point of no return.  It is frightening to think of a ‘Nuclear Iran’ and the impact it could have on the Middle East.  For now I’ll remain even more afraid of a rush to judgement and the price we could ultimately pay.

Let’s just keep our fingers crossed and hope calmer heads prevail.

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