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Clinton vs Obama

February 27, 2007


Here is my tribute to the two prominent figures at the center of the fight for the Democratic presidential nomination.  The general election is not for another year and eight months, and we don’t even know which one of them is going to do well enough in the primaries to gain the top spot on the ticket.  At this point, there is always a chance that both will fail miserably. 

Frankly, neither one of these professional politicians has me excited for the 2008 elections.  Maybe I will change my mind if they can get past their obvious gimmicks (possible first woman or first African-American presidential nominee) and let the real issues shape their campaigns.   It is way too early to be making up our minds and I resent the push from either camp to do so. 

Hillary Clinton has plenty of baggage that she needs to overcome in order to gain the support of a majority the voters.  She may be qualified to run, but she has often come across as very stiff and rehearsed during her public appearances.  Until now, the only time she has shown some life was last month in Iowa, when she joked about dealing with ‘bad men.’  It may have temporarily helped her polling numbers, but the last thing she needs to do is remind folks of her husband’s mistakes.

Let me echo something others have already said: Barack Obama is destined to fizzle-out once his true weaknesses see the light of day (the man is barely a Senator.)  A little bit of the shine has already come off of that penny, thanks to David Geffen’s big mouth. (Hey Dave, how’s DreamWorks going for you?)  Having a guy like that cheering for you is almost worse than having no one at all.

It was kind of neat the first couple of times I saw one of Barack’s televised speeches.  He always seems to draw a large crowd of people that gets very excited to hear him speak and it has translated into positive coverage from the press.  After I saw a few more of these TV appearances, I began to notice a certain amount of calculation in his mannerisms and delivery, and it became a big turnoff for me.  I don’t think I am alone in this feeling (time will tell.)

The debates will play a big part in vetting these candidates for me.  For all I know they could clean up the competition or fall on their faces.  How funny would it be to see either one of them get owned by a wing-nut like Dennis Kucinich?  Stranger things have happened….

For now, I am content to just sit back and watch the two of them go at each other in the press. 

Could somebody pass the popcorn?

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  1. February 27, 2007 3:13 pm

    Hillary would give anything to look like that photo in the Main Event. I do not care for either of these people as the leader of the Free World. I think they are best suited for these positions.
    I think Hillary could take the top position in the Women’s Lib Organization and Obama could get a job at BET.

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