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Popper Popped With An Arsenal

March 8, 2007


john_popped.jpgJohn Popper, lead singer of seminal jamband Blues Traveler, was a passenger in his own vehicle when it was stopped for speeding, Tuesday afternoon in Washington State.  Troopers arrested the 39-year-old Popper, after his Mercedes SUV (driven by a friend) was clocked going approximately 111 mph on interstate 90 near the Spokane/Lincoln county line.  There has been no word on whether or not he gave authorities the ‘run around’ before being apprehended.

Apparently, Mr. Popper was holding more than his usual cache of harmonicas.  During a police dog’s search of his vehicle, officers discovered a small amount of marijuana and veritable arsenal of weapons. Items found within the various hidden compartments of the SUV were four rifles, nine handguns, a taser, a switchblade, and a pair of night-vision goggles. 

The vehicle had also been outfitted with a siren, a public address system, and flashing emergency headlights. Popper claimed the SUV was ‘pimped out’ with these accessories because “he didn’t want to be left behind” in the case of a natural disaster.  If this is how he rolls down the highway, can you imagine what his home is like? (Maybe smoking pot really does increase one’s paranoia.)

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