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The Results – American Idol Season 6: Round Three

March 29, 2007


28673278-copy.jpgAt least one of the bad singers with annoying hair got to go home Wednesday night.  Chris Sligh, who started the season with such promise and a sense of humor, was sent packing after the votes were finally tallied this week.  It leads me to believe that I am not the only person that grew tired of his excuses and mediocre performances. 

philming.jpgMy least favorite idol, Phil Stacey, found himself standing center stage with the other singers in the bottom three.  Unfortunately, his name was not the one called at the end of the show.  Even though he was the first of the three to be ‘let off the hook’ it’s just a matter of time before he sings his last song.  Is it me, or does he look like Ming the Merciless with out facial hair? Maybe if he grew a Fu Manchu mustache (and changed his singing voice) I would change my opinion of him.

haley_scarnato.jpgHaley Scarnato paid a price for the terrible version of “True Colors” she performed this week.  Some may think she is safe because she is the best looking female left in the competition; they couldn’t be more wrong. Attractive or not,  she didn’t pull in enough of the ‘perv’ vote to keep her out of the bottom three.  It takes a lot more than tight clothes to make it far in this competition (not to say it doesn’t help to a certain degree.)  With Haley, what you see is what you get, which isn’t a whole lot.  Expect the judges (especially Simon) to be kind to her unless she really blows it.  I hope I don’t have to endure her sappy performances much longer, she adds nothing to the show.

chris_sligh-copy.jpgSo, in the end,  it was Chris Sligh’s night to leave American Idol 6.  I don’t buy the outrage some people have felt the need to express on the internet.  He started the season off pretty strong, but he never seemed to make the right song choice once the real competition started.  Even worse was his inability to accept responsibility for his bad decisions.  His ‘how dare you’ attitude (especially when Simon would offer his critiques) couldn’t compensate for poor song choices and even weaker performances.  I cannot remember an instance from the previous seasons where someone (with his potential) choked so badly once the bar was raised.  Stupid glasses, stupid hair, and stupid excuses–what did we really expect?

top9carpet.jpgAs far as I am concerned, America got it right this week.  It will be even better if Haley and Phil follow suit over the next two weeks.  As for the Sanjaya controversy, I think I will save that for tomorrow.  It is getting a little out of hand and I feel the need to address it on a few fronts.  I may have picked him to go, but I wasn’t surprised at all to see him stay.  It may be time for a little reality check regarding all of the fuss.  Stay tuned…

Next week brings Tony Bennett to the idol stage.  I love the man (even his horrible hair-piece) but these nostalgia weeks tend to turn into a showcase for the contestants’ ignorance and not the songs they are singing.  Can you smell the stench of failure?  I know I can…

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