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The Naughty Fireman

April 6, 2007


sacca.jpgLadies and gentleman, meet Steven S. Cole; volunteer firefighter, father of three, service manager for a farm implement company, and possibly the world’s worst transvestite.  He was arrested this past Tuesday in a public park wearing a striped, multi-colored bikini, a blond wig and diamond-like belly-button stud.  His boobs consisted of two yellow water balloons–nice!

Police were alerted to this bizarre incident by a Mr. Troy Harphant, who was at Heritage Oak Park in Mason, Ohio with his wife and their 6 year-old daughter.  “It was like this freak show,” Harphant told the Cincinnati Enquirer. “I was a little taken by surprise by what I’d seen there. It was out of place with what should have been going on over there, that’s for sure.” You can download the 911 call here and hear it for yourself.

0405071drag2.jpgOn Friday, Mr. Cole entered a plea of not guilty on charges of public indecency, having an open flask (a 40-ounce bottle of Budweiser,) disorderly conduct, and operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated.  This dude better have one hell of a lawyer if he plans to beat this rap.  You just can’t traipse through a public park, dressed like a five dollar hooker, and expect to get away with it; I don’t care how drunk you were.  Drinking a big bottle of beer is a bad idea if you plan to drive, but it doesn’t make you want to go off and do something like this.  One wonders if they might find something a little more ‘sinister’ in his system.

0405071drag8.jpgCole’s blood-alcohol level was 0.17 (more than twice the legal limit) when Police stopped him from trying to leave the scene of the crime in his blue pickup truck.  My favorite part of the entire incident is the description of what officers found in a black gym bag that was located in the truck.  According to the official report, the bag contained more blond wigs and bikinis, calf-length silver go-go boots and other women’s garments (panties?).  The man sounds like a true Nancy Sinatra fan.

Cole, who has been suspended from his duties as a volunteer firefighter, told an arresting officer that he was on his way to a “gay bar” in Dayton to perform as a woman for a $10,000 prize.  If he thought this whole getup was a winning look, imagine what the other ‘trannies’ look like in the greater Dayton area.  I guess that 40 of Bud was just a little liquid courage.

Mr. Cole almost made ‘Freak of the Week’ status, but it seemed too obvious.  Of course that didn’t stop me from covering the story–not with pictures like that floating around.

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